Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge

While looking for new recipe ideas through orgjunkie.com, I stumbled upon the Clean Out Your Cupboards Challenge for January. Boy oh boy do I need this one! While my husband and I have attempted to live frugally this year, we ended up having some major expenses. Ie: totaled car and water damage throughout the basement. Unfortunately, during crisis times like these, we tend to head to the first restaurant we see when we get hungry. Bad news for the budget and bad news for the waist line - that is for sure!

So for the new year, we are back to the budget! The goal is $200 a month for a family of 4 for groceries and toiletries (excluding diapers). Here is what I hope to accomplish by cleaning out the pantry:

1. Eat out less by meal planning and using what I have.
2. Use up food before it goes bad
3. Have a more efficient kitchen
4. Need I add .... save money and live healthier!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that you are joining us for the challenge! Your goals are great! Good luck!

    -- Laura from Frugal Follies