Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tot School this week

We're still getting the hang of having two under two so Tot School has been a little unorganized, but I am excited to get started this week on our apple theme!

Here is what we did this week with our Mini Diva:
State Fair

Our State Fair had a fabulous interactive Little Hands Interactive Farm Exhibit. Mini Diva was a little tentative at first, but warmed up to the whole concept. In this picture she is harvesting vegetables into her basket.

She also learned about taking care of sheep. She brushed her wool and then collected some from a basket. In other parts of the interactive farm she planted seeds, picked apples, and milked a cow. At the end she traded in her harvest for money to spend at the store. She was pretty happy to spend her money on chocolate milk!

Mini Diva also took her first Ferris Wheel ride with her Daddy - Savvy Dude. Each time it rounded the top she shouted out - awesome! amazing! cool! You can also see her well earned chocolate milk beard from the interactive farm exhibit.

We also checked out the animals. Mini Diva loved feeding the ponies.

She was also pretty proud of riding the pony all by herself!

But she wasn't quite sure what to think of this friendly cow!

However, she was enchanted with the rabbits and wanted to hold each one.

As far as day to day Tot School, we did do some Free Art Marble Mosaics. She enjoyed putting the pebbles into the play-doh.

We also enjoyed dancing and shaking her rice music maker along with some of her favorite songs.

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