Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tot Week 3

This week's Tot School was pretty simple as we adjusted to Savvy Dude's new work schedule and his having Jury Duty. This next week we should be back to normal!

Mini Diva (and ME!) loves Melissa & Doug's word puzzles. The box says it is for 3+, but she does very well with it. She picks out most of the letters on her own. It is a fantastic way to introduce spelling words.

I decided to get Connect 4 back down for some play time. Mini Diva likes to put the pieces in the slots. She counts them and tells me what color they are. She does great with numbers (can count almost up to 20), but is still working on colors.

A life skill she did good on this week was sharing! She loves giving mini-dude stuffed animals.

For a field trip we visited a local corn maze and children's activity place. Lily is pretty interested in different sizes and relationships right now. She told me that this pumpkin was the little baby one.

The place had a Princess Pumpkin patch to play in. Mini Diva loved her dress (even though with her bear on her back she looked a little like a hunchback).

A night with cousins and aunts is always fun!

This is Mini Diva and her Aunt looking at the moon. Mini Diva has always been very interested in the moon. I think I'll have to do a unit on it soon. Any ideas?

Her favorite part hands down was the jumping area! She jumped for about half an hour.


  1. Great idea to use the connect 4 for counting. We have a monkey like your bear and love it!

  2. Wow! Our kids are the same age! My daughter is 25 months and my son 9 weeks old :) You can check out my blog at

    I'm impressed that she can count to 20. Mine only does to 10.

  3. I love those word puzzles.

    Our kids are the same age too. I have a 31 month old and a 12 week old!