Friday, November 12, 2010

Save money with Groupon!

I love getting a good deal. A few years ago, I could use the IHOP coupons that came in the mail and a few restaurant coupons from the Entertainment book, but there weren't many restaurant deals I could get excited about.

This year it seems as if the Internet has exploded with deal a day web sites that are full of fantastic restaurant, entertainment, and online shopping deals. Best part - they are to YUMMY places that we already love to go to. We're talking Jason's Deli - delicious organic food. Pizza Pie Cafe - anyone remember Craigo's in Rexburg - yep same yummy recipes improved! Blue Lemon - more local gourmet food that is to die for! The list goes on and on.

Here is one of the sites that I have been using a lot! Stay tuned for more great sites ...

Groupon: Recently I've gotten $50 for $25 at Gap, $100 for $35 at Picaboo (book publishing) and $50 for $25 at Hapari - hello new swimsuit for 2011! It's super easy. Sign up for their daily deals via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Snag the deal and enjoy! They have deals a day for cities all over the United States. So head on over and check it out at Groupon.

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