Sunday, June 19, 2011

Supplement your pantry with food giveaways!

One fun way to supplement your food supply without spending a single cent is to enter food giveaways online! So many mommy bloggers do food giveaways from top brands! Is it a sure deal - nope - but sometimes you're chances are pretty good!
For example, I entered this giveaway for Seneca Farms Oatmeal and Fruit by Wholesome Mommy. Lucky me won 2 6-packs of the oatmeal. Boy oh boy was I thrilled when they arrived on my door step! According to the description, it is a six ounce microwavable cup that contains oatmeal with peaches or apples and doesn’t require any water or milk! So, you just pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds and it is ready to go! Now that is easy. Plus the ingredients are healthy as well.

There were only 53 entrants in this giveaway so my chances were pretty darn good. On Amazon, the same products I received retailed for $19.95.

I spend about 15 minutes every other day entering blog giveaways and typically win something once a month! I wouldn't spend hours on it, but for a few minutes a day - it is totally worth it!

Here are some food giveaways currently available:
Link Up if you have a food giveaway, too!

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