Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tot School

This week definitely went better as far as our Tot School activities. Unfortunately, I didn't get it all on camera!

One of the activities that we have begun is weekly mommy/daughter or daddy/daughter dates. Mini Diva loves these especially since we are cooped up at the house while Daddy is at work during the day. Our adventure this week was to the pet store where we had a marvelous time counting fish, petting dogs, and looking for the hiding hamsters.

Monsters was also a popular topic this week. She has loved talking about Monsters every since Halloween and watching Monster's Inc. We had a monster breakfast:

And her favorite towel of the week was the monster as well! Pretend playing is fast becoming one of her favorite activities and this towel is perfect for such fun.

As Mini Diva gets older, she is becoming more and more of a help around the house. She helped me take down her Nana's Christmas tree. It was a fun activity to serve as well as sort the different ornaments and flowers into the matching piles. She did quite well and was a happy helper.

Mrs. Potato Head or "Potato Baby" as Mini Diva likes to call her was still a hit this week. Fantastic since it is a toy I have had since my teens! Who knew she would love it so much? She found a new and fun use for Potato Baby's tongue. Looks like it found its way to Mini Dude.

Valentines Day was also central to many of our activities. I printed off lots of the Tot School activities and hope to get to them all. She really enjoyed learning this scripture even more than I thought she would. She would repeat the scripture title and the new word that we added on each day. I think we will do this more often and continue it.

Mini Diva also made a Valentines Box and Valentines for her cousins. It was fun for me to ask her the reasons why she loved her cousins so that we could write it on the card. Very insightful for a two year old!

All in all - a very fun week! Looking forward to more heart and Olympic activities this week.


  1. We do mommy/daughte dates too! Love them! We are due for one this week as a matter of fact! What are somethings you do?

  2. What a fun week! I love the date idea! That towel is super cute!

  3. Looks like fun! I love the picture of the Mr. Potato Head tongue!