Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tot Week - Valentines and Cousins

This Tot Week began with Valentines Day. Tot in hole, as my husband calls in, has come in handy for many breakfasts lately. Just change the shape in the middle to fit your theme! Lily loved eating her hearts for breakfast.

For Valentines Day, I got each of the children a book about love and a new snuggly blanket.

This week, Lily has come up with many of her own activities - which I love! It is fun to see what she comes up with. For this activity, she put all of her feathers in the shopping basket along with her fish magnets. The fish magnets were hidden under the feathers. She would then use her fishing pole to find them. She played this for a long time.

Oranges are a great manipulative, too :). She fit an orange into each slot of our food storage buckets. She also lined them up down the hallway and tried to share them with her little brother.

In our church, it is recommended that you have a weekly family home evening. We had a short message on the importance of preparedness and then went out for ice cream. Hopefully, we will have many more family home evenings to come!

Dress up is still a big hit at our house. Dude stepped on these glasses on accident, but Mini Diva doesn't seem to mind. She wore them just like this all the way to Mom Mom's house. Her princess costumes are also getting a lot of attention.
This is my favorite thing she has taken interest in - the lace up boards! Before she would use them as kites. This week she wanted me to teach her how to lace it through the holes. She did a pretty good job!

Cousin time! We had a lot of time with little friends this week. On Wednesday, we went to a playgroup with friends from our church. We also had our cute little one year old cousin over to visit. Mini Diva loves having the play mates.

One area we are trying to work on more is sharing. Any fun games or ideas that have worked for you?

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