Monday, February 15, 2010

What I love about you ...

I love reading and getting ideas from the Tot School blog. Just recently, I discovered that Carissa also does a blog about her youngest daughter. She posts weekly what she loves about each stage her daughter is in. What a fantastic way to preserve the fun of babyhood. So I am starting to do it with Mini Dude as well.

Here is what I love this week!

  • I love this sweet in between stage. Not quite big enough to crawl or walk, but getting more and more independent and excited about the world around you every day.
  • I love how very aware you are of what we are doing and how you want to be apart of it, too. You were a little fussy when I was taking down the Christmas tree for your Nana, but when I gave you a flower to hold - you were content as can be. You just held it and looked at it for about 15 minutes.
  • I love that you are such a great little sleeper! You have been since day one! So, so, so nice. Swaddled in a blanket with your binkie - you go right to sleep. Love these mid day snuggle sessions on the couch that you have with your sister.
  • It is so fun to see you in your walker. A little man pushing himself around the room. This basketball is your favorite toy. It is squishy and you love to hold it - and eat it as well!
  • And I love that you are a fantastic little brother! So patient with your older sister, Mini Diva, when she wants to play with you!

  • Your favorite new thing this week is eating bananas in the little mesh holder. It makes you so happy!

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